Aquabyte i Forbes

Aquabyte, vår CEO/Founder Bryton Shang og ikke minst vår markedsinnsats i Norge får spalteplass i Forbes sin artikkel om utviklingen av bærekraftig global akvakultur i USA!

Utdrag fra artikkelen:
However aquaculture has come a long way since its nascent years. Bryton Shang, CEO of tech startup Aquabyte, which uses machine learning to advance aquaculture sustainability, believes that the use of technology in aquaculture will eliminate many of these concerns.

Using cameras mounted in fish pens, they can now count the sea lice on each individual fish to keep infestations under control. They also built fish facial recognition software which can determine individual fish size and growth to avoid overfeeding. Cameras can also be used to inspect for damage before there is a catastrophic breakdown leading to escapes. The technology is being used in offshore farms in Norway already.

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